Directions and Parking

The 2017 Code Camp will be held in the Gardner Center Ballroom located north of the Holland Centennial Commons Building on the campus of Dixie State University in St. George, Utah. Parking for the event will be in the lot west of the Gardner Ballroom, accessible from 700 East.

Downloadable PDF map of the DSU Campus

We ask that you and your team work on your project within the venue. In the past, teams have worked off-site for part of, or the majority of the event. Our sponsors and event organizers have requested that participants work on their project from within the auditorium. Please contact an event organizer if you need to make a special request.

Food and Drinks

Meals, snacks and drinks will be free of cost to event participants. Be sure to thank the event sponsors for their generous monetary contributions. The event will be catered by Dixie State University.

The campus has policies (see section VI) on bringing outside food and drink into the building. Be sure to ask an event organizer if you intend to bring anything in for anybody other than yourself or members of your immediate team.